Friday, February 11, 2011


For anyone who may be bridging the gap between the computer void at the moment, I want to give an update on my life right now. Currently I started a new job at Salt Lake Community College that I love already and it's only been two days. I also am waiting to hear back from a couple of publishers and groups that I've sent my work out to for publication (hopefully)--If I got published again, that would be totally awesome! I would love it immensely, though for those who are curious, I have been published before-- in 2007 in a poetry anthology called In Other Words and my articles at, where I have been writing for around six months now.

I am also hoping to expand my social life and circles and to have more friends...Friends are never a bad thing--you never know when you might need someone or they might need you. I am also continuing in a community choir named Crossroads Chorale here in Salt Lake that I started to go to when I first moved up here again after my long stint in Provo.

So anyway, thanks for listening, the someone reading this out there in the void.