Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Update

So since the last time I spoke to you I have gotten used to my new job as tech support at the largest discount company in the world...Access Development. It's fun and interesting and the team is great! Now I will be moving shortly to a new apartment, and I can't help but feel that this is a new stage in life--and it is exciting, yes, but I must say that I have lost sleep over it, which is definitely not as exciting. It's hard to wait for something like this, such a long time coming.

Things are finally coming together on this side of the computer screen, and I sense a new beginning, like standing on a precipice and stretching out your foot just before you fall into it, whatever it is. Whether I hit the water or dry land I don't know, but if (and when) I survive the fall I'll let you know what it was like.

I am also once again feeling the need for adventure, which is odd in some ways because I am so close to starting a new stage, but if anyone has possible ideas, I'm game and open to them always. Hopefully I'll have more good news in the near future....until then, a bientot!