Friday, October 5, 2012

Dressing Up

Dressing up always has a good reason (Unless it includes ski masks, thievery and weapons, which I do not condone...). I mean, think about it. What do we dress up for?

-Job Interviews
-Masquerade Balls
-Hobbit Parties (Oh yes, you heard me!)
-Mystery Dinners
-Opera/concerts/the arts
-Pajama Parties
...and many, many more!

And why do we do it? To impress? Maybe. But I think the reason we dress up (or dress down, depending on the event), is because we want to feel good. We want to look good with and for those who are with because we are human beings who need love, happiness, faith and trust (And maybe just a little pixie dust!). We do it when we want to make major changes in our lives, or we see major change on the horizon and have hope for the better future to come. We want to feel like we are on top of the world, even if that just means we can have fun with life again and again, or if that means starting from scratch. By now we know what the world is like, and sometimes we just need a little bit of something to make us smile. So we pull out an outfit, put it on, and feel absolutely stunning in it. Yes, STUNNING! Then we can meet the world and whatever it wants to throw at us with gusto. So tomorrow I'm going to put on a stunning outfit--and you better watch out, world, 'cause I'm ready to take you on!