Monday, June 6, 2011

A Plan to find work

Hello my friends on the other side of the void....I know it has been FOREVER since I wrote, if anyone cares to be reading this; for those of you who do, this is an update and the workings of a major plan in progress. Basically, here's what happened:

So I lost my job (again), due to budget cuts this time, and have been searching again for a job every day for a month. Lost and confused, my dad and I finally came up with a plan to help me along in my search.
Here is the plan:

1. Still look every day as I have been, but open up the horizon, meaning that I open it up to part-time, full-time and flexible time as well as opening to the type of jobs I'll be doing such as selective retail, administrative, call centers, etc.

2. The Job Journal, or writing down all the frustrations and fears concerning the job hunt in a book that we will later burn when I do get a job. And since I am a writer by nature, also writing freely and creatively as a separate thing--we're not going to burn these.

3. Driving 2-3 times a week (For those of you who don't know, I don't drive. For those of you for whom this is a revelation, now you know.) This is the crazy part of the plan for me, but we have freeways.

4. A trip to the LDS temple once a week. This for me is a religious practice that gives me peace, comfort and understanding in a time when uncertainty is the only certainty in my life at the moment and a practice that can lead to guidance and direction.

So there, my friends, is the newest plan. With it, I hope to find the right job for me that I will actually enjoy and eventually be able to move out to an apartment. Victory will be sweet when it comes!