Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Impossible possibilities

Spurred on by Averyl, my former roommate's, post about illegal photography and how she always wanted to confess to a priest, I wanted to make a list of things that I have always wanted to do, but haven't gotten the chance yet, or those things which might seem impossible, but really are not.

I want to:
-Publish a book
-Go up in a weather balloon
-Travel to London (And yes, I mean to go and see the Sherlock Holmes Museum there and take the walking tour of Holmes's cases. You thought my adamant rant and love of Sherlock was over? Well, it's not...)
-Learn to fence
-Learn to play the violin
-Sing opera (And I mean it too!)
-Inspire others
-Get married have kids
Now, let me just say right now that this list is not all there is that I want to do....Ultimately, I want to look back on my life and say that I truly lived. And I am perfectly aware that some of these might take years or even a whole lifetime before they are done, but there's no shame in dreaming, and someday, if they really mean that much, they will be accomplished.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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