Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 95: A Lickpenny Lover

Another story by O. Henry, this is a great story for anyone who has worked retail ever in their lives. I have worked retail for almost four years in different stores, and it was really funny because I know girls like Maisie, the protagonist, who is a beauty but cunning beyond belief (from a third person perspective), and men like Carter (Although Carter is actually less creepy than most men who drop business cards or try to persuade you to see them...). The question now is, is Carter really wealthy and Maisie misunderstood, or was Carter trying just to get her through lying about wealth? I'm not sure... whoever is out there in this void and is reading this, if you read this story I want your thoughts on this question. It was really interesting to see retail from the perspective of someone outside--I have played both roles, so I guess I have that same perspective; but I wonder if O. Henry actually went into a store and observed people for a while to get this story. Observing mankind is one of the greatest ways for a writer to get ideas for stories or books--believe me, I know. Anyway, for anyone who has worked in a store before as a sales associate, this rings somewhat true, or maybe completely true for some of you...I hope it's fun all the same, and let me know what you think.

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