Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Fred Factor

Now, here is a book that I would recommend to everyone who wants to do better in their business and make their relationships more meaningful (and that should be everyone)--read The Fred Factor.

It's a small book about a mail carrier who does an extraordinary job at what he does. The author, Mark Sanborn, knows this mail carrier personally, Fred Shea, and uses his example to teach us how to be like Fred. The best thing about the book is that he's an ordinary, real-life example of how to be extraordinary in every sphere of life.

How, do you ask, can we be like Fred? Well, here's the major points I got from the book:

Service: One act of kindness a day, rather than random acts of kindness now and then, will make your life better and better the lives of those you serve. It doesn't have to be something huge--it can be baking cookies for someone, paying a bus fare for someone who forgot their wallet, going the extra mile at work, complementing someone or whatever. Seek out those who need help and be the one to answer the call.

Attitude: Your attitude can change the entire course of your day. If you find yourself getting depressed, start naming things you are grateful for...Look for the things that make you happiest and enjoy them. Love whatever situation your in. If you are going thorough tough times, work hard to solve the problem and think outside the box--You may find that something you never thought you would do might be the answer to your problem.

Love: Love the people you work with, thank the people who inspire you, cherish friendships and family members, and for those who are hardest to love, often they are the ones that need love the most. Include, not exclude. Find something good in everyone, not just in those who are easiest to love.

Value: Add value to your work and relationships--remember birthdays, be creative in every sphere, solve problems that at first might not have an answer, remember to be grateful and say so, improve yourself rather than compare yourself to others...Do everything you can to do your best and it will be best for you in the end.

These, among other things, are what I learned from The Fred Factor. I would definitely encourage anyone who wants to improve their workspace and relationships to read this book!

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