Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 33: The Chronicles of Myriad

This is another piece I am editing, a book for my friend Nick Adams. I have to tell you, this is the real deal chums...this is epic. And I don't mean that silly, mocking type of epic like Nacho Libre or Napoleon, no, I mean this for real. I don't read too much fantasy, with a few exceptions, for one reason: They usually have loopholes, and it is a lot for my head to wrap around; but Nick knows what he's doing, and I mean it. I don't just say that to anybody. I hope this book gets published, and if it does, you've got to pick it up. Publishers would be stupid not to take this book on....I'm not saying that to make anyone's ego bigger, it's just the truth. This is one of the easiest pieces I've ever had to edit, and do you know why? Because the writing is good, and it has SOUL. Aside from some grammatical stuff and a few larger notes, this is really a good book. I'm going to pray that this gets published, and Nick, it's been a privilege.

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