Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 46: Tu N'en Reviendras Pas, Charlie Brown

Does it sound foreign and yet somehow familiar? That' because it is....Charlie Brown, the famous Peanuts protagonist created by Charles Shultz along with the whole gang, has now been translated into French! The book is my dad's...He gave it to me to use so that I could keep up on my French skills. I took French for six years, and I would say now to you who know a foreign language, this is a good way to keep up on them. Asterix and Obelix is another way, if you are taking French specifically. But if you are taking foreign languages, definitely use comics or short stories to keep up on it--and you'll get some laughs anyway! The book, literally translated, means "You'll Never Remember Charlie Brown", but the original American comics are a book called "You'll Flip, Charlie Brown", if you ever want to read them in English. It was a fun read, but it was also refreshing because I felt like I was still learning.

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