Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 54: Chanson Spirituelle by Margurite of Navarre

This is an interesting poem, because while it tells you about the illness of a king, the author further addresses the interests of the state and further tells of Navarrian life through the "untold" parts of the poem. For example, something that is implied is that she is a woman of wealth and station, for the lay people, the working classes in that great divide between rich and poor, could not read and probably could not write either. It also follows that she holds to the beliefs of that time that if the king was ill, so was the kingdom. Also the title, literally translated, means "Spiritual Song", but this is not a set of lyrics--it's a poem, and also in French. I also thought the subtitle was interesting "Thinking by the Seine during the king's illness"...That she had time to think at all is something to ponder on.

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