Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 40: Bird Brain Teasers

I don't know too much about birds, so I thought I would give this a shot...I actually learned quite a bit. There were games and stuff, but I paid most attention to the facts, poems and quotes in the book. For example, I learned that emus are good swimmers, kiwis are the only bird without wings and emperor penguins can hold their breath in the arctic waters for eighteen minutes. Who knew? Also, there were quotes and stories from Emily Dickinson, Benjamin Franklin, Claude Monet and several others about the importance of birds in our lives and in true art. I'd believe it....I've seen lots of nature scenes and writings that include birds, but I never thought of it. They also had a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite books that I read recently (at the end of February). I would definitely suggest To Kill a Mockingbird to ANYONE....I love it, and if you don't like it, at least then you would have an informed opinion. I would also suggest this bird book to anyone who's a bird lover...This would be fun book to keep in your purse or bag if you're waiting for a bus or have time on your hands and you're bored.

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