Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 36: The Sign of the Four

Yet another Sherlock novel, I came by this through Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon while I was there scoping out Portland State University for the possibility of graduate school....And guess what? Because of Powell's, I now have....Drum roll Please....The entire collection of Sherlock Holmes! While to some of you this might not seem important, when you've been searching for a series for almost a year and most of the books have turned into eccentricities you don't find just anywhere, this is an accomplishment indeed. I was also finding all of the books one by one, which means it goes slowly. As for the book itself, this is a good one...It is where Watson meets his future wife, and Sherlock again and again aids the innocent and accomplishes "the impossible", deducted and explained as he sees fit to those who deserve his confidence :). When the dark clouds of mystery hang over a dastardly murder, and even Sherlock and Watson are at their strained wits' end...The rest is for you to find out. Read it, and enter a world so intricate that no matter which novel or short story set you're reading, you will find yourself engrossed. Cheers, and may the best detective win!

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