Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 61: The U.S. Constitution

You might think I am the worst U.S. citizen in the country after I confess a secret: I have never read the U.S. Constitution all the way through. I have seen it in Washington D.C., and I have seen National Treasure where they steal it...but I have never read it fully. And so to redeem myself, I am doing so today. I discovered that there is a lot more behind this than just a document telling us our rights, but it also lays out our system of government. I have always had some reverence for it, but I, unfortunately, have not paid as much attention to it as I should. It reminded me that I should be a more informed citizen and person in general before making decisions, and also how much agency we have in living in the United States. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to understand democracy and law. I would also suggest going to see it in D.C.--it's awe-inspiring. Though every country has its troubles, the U.S. as well as anyone else, I am grateful that we have the Constitution to look to for guidance. God Bless America!

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