Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 88: The Man Upstairs

This is one of the best short stories I've ever read--It's by P.G. Wodehouse, and it's great, especially if your single. I would suggest this to anyone who wants a good laugh, but especially to those who have not yet found the person they can't live without. This tells you, fortunately or unfortunately, something a little of myself. I can admit that sometimes I am a hopeless romantic, and you will see why through this story. It's about a young lady named Annette that hears a terrible knocking on the floor as she is trying to compose her music. Finally she gets so mad at the knocking that she resolves to go up and give the person a long, hard reprimand. When she knocks, she meets Alan Beverley, an artist. She prepares to reprimand him, and then is halted in her purpose by his voice and looks. He is not necessarily a smash hit, but she admits that he is attractive....She also discovers that he is easy to confide in. Their friendship begins from there. Then, as the story progresses, you find that Alan is humble, cheerful and kind. I want a man like that! I want a man who can be cheerful in spite of the hard times, who is kind and thoughtful, but who also will let me help him when he needs help, and who will not hold back his troubles from me. I don't care how rich he is or if he's homely; when we do find each other, I hope we become great friends, which then progresses, obviously, into something much more lasting.

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