Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 90: The Achievement of the Cat

This short story is for cat lovers everywhere. The reason why I chose this story is because I have a cat named Macpherson, and I wanted to know what Hector Munro had to say. I loved it--It was about how, through the ages, the cat has learned to adapt to the domestic life, but is not a servant or a dependent. He is a fighter. The cat will not take abuse, but fight "to the death" for it's freedom and happiness. My cat is a fatty, so I'm not sure if he would fight for his freedom--more like he would probably just roll over and give up (I know I said roll over, and that sounds more like a dog...but that's literally what he does. Maybe I should say topple over...? :) ). I know the cat is definitely a plotter--they get what they want through feigned innocence, and then when their finished or bored with you they stalk away to plan their next coup. I do feel bad for all the cats who die because somebody thought they were a witch's cat, though. Historically, especially during any sort of witch trial, innocent cats go down along with the innocent humans. And even if the humans weren't so innocent, the cats can't do anything to defend themselves--and do you honestly think a cat could do what humans do to other humans? No. That's also why they don't let black cats out of animal shelters near Halloween anymore...because crazy people will hurt them for pleasure. So don't hurt your cats; love them and cherish them for good companions.

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