Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 77: The Walking Stick of Destiny

I wondered this morning if anyone reads this blog, so the question to you, out there in the great void, is "Does anyone read this blog?" If so, then I hope you have been enjoying this...I also have a timely case of the flu that I am recovering from (Worry not, I am no longer contagious...), so if I sound a little strange or my comments are disconnected, you will know why. Anyway, back to the literature. So this story, "The Walking Stick of Destiny", is a short story written by Lewis Carroll that is super interesting. There is a Baron who wants to kill a Signor Blowski, and tries two different ways, one of which is throwing Signor out the window--Because of destiny, Blowski survives! The rest of the story after Blowski's fall I will leave for you to find out, but I'll warn you it's one of those cliff hangers. I think anyone who enjoys having the audience left to wonder will certainly like this, and I enjoyed it very much. Hope that all is well with you, my friends, and may you be spared from any midsummer illness.

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  1. I read this blog, and I enjoy it! Also, I am sorry that you got the flu...