Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 80: The 1,000,000 Pound Bank Note

This story is a fun one by Mark Twain...At first I thought the protagonist was going to be in trouble, as in Faust, where Faust makes a deal with the devil and then loses his soul. Instead the protagonist, hungry, poor, and recently come to London after a sea storm, meets with two brothers who give him an envelope with a 1,000,000 bank note and a letter that says, "We believe you are an honest man...use this money and report your activities at the end of the month." He does not initially know about the bet, but he is telling it to his audience in hindsight, so he does know, but is leaving us to discover it as he once did. At first he is hesitant to use any of the money, but then the force of his "needs" becomes too great. He becomes famous through the money note, and he believes he has been prudent, until he meets a young lady named Portia...Anyway, it is a fun story and certainly has some good, unexpected twists right up 'til the end!

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