Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 63: The Declaration of Independence

"When in the course of human events" are probably the most famous words to American citizens everywhere, and tomorrow we will once again celebrate our nation and our lives of freedom. But have we gone past these words....perhaps to "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"...but that is only the first paragraph. The rest of the Declaration of Independence is all the grievances we had against England, how the king had neglected our needs as well as our rights, and how we, in that case, needed to separate from our motherland. We did so, and with our own shed blood in Lexington and "a shot heard around the world", America began its journey to become a nation. How much we owe to our forefathers who sacrificed their occupations and their lives for a dream, the hope of a free and unobstructed nation. We enjoy our conveniences and our rights because of them, and we should, with reverence for them and for God, commemorate this wonderful life which we are able to enjoy. Think about that as we finish out this week of patriotism, reverence and hope for a bright and better future.

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