Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 91: Salut Au Monde!

This is not a french poem, as you might think...It's actually a poem by Walt Whitman, one of my favorite poets, and everything but the title is in English. I had never read this poem before, and it surprised me that the title was in French. Did he really know French? I have no idea, but translated, the title means "Hello World!" I love the first line, "O take my hand, Walt Whitman!" It calls to me, like this great author could lead me to my own greatness. Never fear greatness; it is man's destiny to be great. The only way we can fulfill our lives is to follow that destiny, and to become what we are meant to be. Walt Whitman in this poem is our guide, using the five senses to describe everything around the world in his time-- through his imagination and broadened horizons. Though we may not know our fate, sometimes we must step in the dark, broaden our own horizons and take that leap of see what we might see. It might mean great sacrifice, we might see sorrow, but in the end we will know and understand more about our lives and ourselves. Do not let yourself be closed in by fear; allow for the time to have adventure, to live and breathe in uncertainty. It is scary (Trust me, I know...), but if we do what we know is right, we will gain victory and have our minds expanded.

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