Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 85: I'll Try by Jonatha Brooke

This song helps me when I'm having trouble because I always need help finding the strength to do the hard things in this life that become clear only once you step in the dark. I have always believed, but there is a difference between belief and faith. Anyway, whenever I feel like I need more strength and more faith to get through something, I listen to this song and songs like it to raise myself up. This song actually comes from Return to Neverland, the sequel to Disney's Peter Pan made some time in the nineties, maybe even the two thousands--I can't remember. My sister Liz would know. Anyway, the story is about Wendy's daughter, Jane, who is struggling to believe in Peter Pan because she is living during World War II, is trying to be grown up and thinks Peter Pan's not real. She has a fight with Wendy about not believing, and then that night gets captured by Captain Hook! It's actually a pretty cute movie, despite its being a sequel. So, anyway, here are the lyrics. I hope also that whatever you are going through or struggling with, know that you have a friend on the other side.
I'll Try
I am not a child now.
I can take care of myself.
I mustn't let them down now-
Mustn't let them see me cry.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm too tired to listen.
I'm too old to believe:
All these childish stories.
There is no such thing as faith,
And trust,
And pixie dust.
I try,
But its too hard to believe.
I try,
But I can't see what you see.
I try.
I try.
I try.
My whole world is changing,
I don't know where to turn.
I can't leave you waiting,
But I can't stay and watch the city burn;
Watch it burn.
'Cause I try,
But its so hard to believe!
I try,
But I can't see where you see.
I try.
I try.
I try and try,
To understand,
The distance in between:
The love I feel,
The things I fear,
And every single dream.
I can finally see it.
Now I have to believe:
All those precious stories.
All the world is made of faith,
And trust,
And pixie dust.
So I'll try,
'Cause I finally believe!
I'll try,
'Cause I see what you see!
I'll try.
I'll try!
I'll try!
I'll try-
To fly.

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