Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 79: Paradise Lost, Book 1

To tell the truth, I'm not sure what I want to read today, and so first I'm going to talk about Despicable Me, a movie that came out a couple of weeks ago and I've wanted to see it since I first saw the previews. I went alone, because no one else had time, and I still enjoyed it. If you love children (which I do) and villains who are really good guys and softies (which Gru is), then you will love this movie. It is the story of Gru, a villain (He has an Iron Maiden in his house to try and prove it!) who "inherits" three orphan sisters that change his life around and make him bring out his good heart that he always had. It's good for the soul....and so is good literature. So I can't really account for this indecision, but hopefully this will be something good...Oh wait, here it comes! Milton's Paradise Lost, Book One. This is basically a war in heaven between God and Satan, and how Satan, one of God's chosen children, fell and became the devil. Also following is the rise of Satan's kingdom in hell. For anyone who wants really engrossing literature about religious possibilities for a war in heaven and the creation story, this is a great one. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who is interested in World Civilization, Comparative Literature, or Religious Studies in any way, shape or form.

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