Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 70: Daughters of Albion: Visions

This poem is really interesting, because of the people and places mentioned there. I had read William Blake's work before, but the poem mentioned America, and I got confused because America (The U.S.) wasn't a country until 1776. Although Blake was alive when it was still a very young country, it didn't make sense because they were using much older, closer to a Greek legend. I also thought Albion might be Avalon, the mystical land of King Aurthur's ancestors, where he is eventually buried. And so I decided to look it up, and discovered that Albion is the oldest name out there for the British Isles, England more specifically. I also found out that the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland is Alba. When I saw that fact, I looked into Napoleon Bonaparte's exile to see if that was the island where he was exiled to before he tried to take over France again. But then I discovered that that island is actually called Elba, an island out to sea near Tuscany, Italy. What I want you to get from this today is...look how much we can learn from literature! All of this discovery because of one word, and a person curious enough to find out what it all meant to connect one poem together. Don't you just love it?! :)

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