Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 13: The Women of Pemberley

This book is really good, and yes-it is a sequel written by a Jane Austen fan. A continuation of Pride & Prejudice, and apparently a part of a Series called The Pemberley Chronicles. I didn't know until I got home from the library that this book is actually book 2 of the series...I have no idea what the first one is. But it's still interesting and I like it very much. If you are either a hopeless romantic or a Jane Austen fan, you will like this book. A shout out to hopeless romantics everywhere-Huzzah! Another thing-If you are one of this club, you will also like Letters to Juliet, a movie that just came out today...I saw it and shed a tear or two. Don't worry, it's not sad--it just reminds us what we all really want--love. So if your in the mood for some romance, history and social repartee, this is a great book to fulfill those needs. No matter what, if you have joined me on this journey, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have so far. I will keep you updated, as always, and as my good friends and confidantes: Adieu, mais seul maintenant (Goodbye, but only for now!)!

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