Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 20: Positive and Negative Affect, Forgivness and Relationship Quality

Sounds really scientific? Well, it's a paper I edited for a friend-her honor's thesis for Marriage and Family Therapy. Yes, I am an editor, in case that is news to you...I have been so unofficially since junior year in high school. If you need a paper edited, just let me know and as long as I know what the subject matter is and what you want from this paper, I can figure it out and hopefully make it better. I enjoy editing a lot in fact--I could spend hours doing it if I know the deadline and it's not too impossible. My favorite type of editing, I have to admit, is editing stories and novels...oh, what I wouldn't give to do that! If you have any creative writing especially, that would be AMAZING, but I don't ever mind editing other things as well. I just have an editor's mind, and it is a passion and a labor of love. If you ever find me up late at night, that's probably what I'm doing--writing, editing, or reading. Now you know one of my great weaknesses, and if you want to indulge me you are more than welcome. I have never asked for money before, and I don't really plan to, but all that I ask is that you don't abuse me....If we come to some sort of agreement, that's great too (I had someone agree to take me to dinner once for my editing work), but if we do that, I will hold you to it. Anyway, so I love editing and that's what I read today. The life of a literati becomes so interesting with what you read and how you end up getting your reading material....:)

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