Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 25: The Story of Ferdinand

A quarter of the way there! Wow....and I had a really good day, too. I went to the Bainbridge Ferry and the Frye Museum in Washington with my friend's mom Krista Lee. It was really fun and different, and I live in a landlocked place, so I'm not near a sea or ocean like Washington State. It was awesome! I saw lots of art, modern and classic, and saw Seattle from a distance....The Space Needle, where I will be going sometime this week, was always in the movies but I never saw it up close until now. So cool! And to top it off I read the story of Ferdinand, which makes me smile. I had never read the book, but I saw the Disney cartoon of it when I was a kid, and I always enjoyed that. It's pretty close to the book, and it was Disney....Who doesn't love Disney? The illustrations are great too, and although I had read many books as a child, I for some reason never saw this one until now (and in The Blindside, when Sandra Bullock reads it to her kids) other than the cartoon, which was done in the late 1930's I think. The cartoon belonged with a series, which included "Lambert the Sheepish Lion" and "Willy the Whale"....which are all great, kid-friendly cartoons unlike the stuff we see now. But that is just my soapbox on cartoons...don't worry about it, but if you're curious, read this book and watch the cartoons on Youtube....along with "The Reluctant Dragon", another old (and funny) Disney cartoon.

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