Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 16: B is for Bookworm

I took a walk to the Provo Library to return my books, which was a really nice walk. While there, I picked up this book, because I figured "Why not? I'm here, and I am a bookworm". The book was informative, but definitely not for everyone, and I had a hard time keeping interested. On my way back, however, I found a botanical garden path near the SWKT (Spencer W. Kimball Tower on BYU campus) and a lilac bush near the Smith Fieldhouse. My mother loves lilacs....I almost plucked a stem off, but thought better of it....I'll probably tell her though. I also went job hunting and I'm trying to stay positive; hopefully I'll figure out what I need to do soon. Grad school, job here in Provo, job somewhere else...I'm trying to be in the right places for things to happen, you know? Anyway, so while the book wasn't necessarily that great, there were other things to be learned and enjoyed- C'est la vie!

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