Tuesday, September 3, 2013

B is for Books

I LOVE books! I love them so much you will probably see me with one all the time. I have also been blessed to be a fast reader. My coworkers laugh because they can always ask, "What are you reading today?" and usually I'll answer something different every couple of weeks or so, and if it's one of the really long ones, perhaps several months (Les Miserables was a long one--Literally a thousand pages in 5 months!).

I also love giving out suggestions, and I even gave a coworker suggestions for his children, who I had heard also love to read. If you love to read and are running out of ideas or options, talk to me! I definitely believe that there is enough room on the bookshelf somewhere, and I love print books you can hold in your hand. I do not own a Kindle, I-phone or any digital device that has a digital reader app--even though I know that is somewhat ironic because the publisher I work with, Untreed Reads, is entirely digital. If you do have a device you can load it there, but even if you don't, you can download it on PDF for your computer. You can do that here.

I am plowing through Ivanhoe like a boss at the present, and I'm not sure what I will start reading afterwards...perhaps the Outlander series by Diana Gabeldon. I also am part of a book club that reads a book a month, so there's always something new to enjoy (or even some good rereads!).

Books have been a part of my life since I can remember, and I can't give it up. It's an addiction with the printed word. I write as well, and so I read a lot of what I write, and if there are authors out there who want to be published, start there. Read what you write. Even if I didn't write, though, there is so much in books that can change a rainy day into a cozy curl up with a friend, an exploration of a new world without leaving your favorite wing-backed chair...The possibilities are endless!

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