Saturday, September 28, 2013

Z is for Zoo

The power went out yesterday at my apartment, which is why if you have been following this, I did not write last night, So sorry! We're going to catch up now and I will do two blog posts.

I like the zoo an awful lot. I'm not sure how to explain this, since most of the time I enjoy animals in general, but I'm picky about them too. I DO NOT like rats, snakes and spiders--too shifty. They give me the creeps. But then I love giraffes and elephants, all cats and penguins, polar bears and several others. The list could go on. I guess I'm not as picky as I thought, but just know I don't enjoy the reptiles and amphibians very much. Creepers :).

At Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City Utah, where I live, they have this event called Zoo Lights. I've lived here for twenty years and have never been. I'd like to go sometime. It happens during Christmas, and apparently it's really fun. I already have a vision of what it might be like==colored lights everywhere, probably snow on the ground (It's already gotten really chilly here, and fall hasn't really happened :(!), and all the polar animals will be out, along with the year-round ones. Exciting!


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