Wednesday, September 4, 2013

C is for Cats

I think my favorite animal is the cat. Big ones, small ones, they just bring me joy. I adore my sister's cat Raj, who is affectionate and absolutely loves people, and I even love Mac, my parents' cat, who is the opposite of that and now a grumpy old man. They are quiet, subtle animals who are domestic but don't need constant attention like dogs do--as long as you feed them, clean out the litter box and pay attention to them once in a while, they are relatively happy creatures.

Like most animals, though, they can tell when their owner is having a hard time and, at least for the small ones, most of the time they'll come and snuggle in their own way. I love that about them. They can sense when they are needed most, and even when you feel uncomfortable talking to a person about your problems, you can always talk to a cat.

 I really wish I was allowed a pet in my apartment right now, but I will obey the rules. If I got a cat, I would probably get a tabby, just because that's what I grew up with and I guess it's rubbing off on me. But even if another type came my way and it was meant to be, I wouldn't say no. :) When I go to the pet store sometimes, I always go into the cat room, even if I only have five minutes on an errand with someone. I just like to look at them, and my heart always aches to take one home. Hopefully someday I'll be able to do that without any qualms, and hopefully that day will come soon.

Reason # 562 to get a pet.

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