Wednesday, September 11, 2013

J is for Jam and Jelly

I will usually have something on my toast, and that is butter or jam. Not on sandwiches, though, just toast. I will also not add something extra if it is a pumpkin chocolate chip bread or something like that--too much "stuff" already there. If it's plain wheat or white toast, though, I put jam on it. I know I'm being really specific, but I wanted to be honest without becoming a hypocrite for anyone who reads this blog.

I like lots of kinds, and my mom is the master of making jellies and jams (Lucky me!). My favorite though is probably apple butter. It's like autumn in your amazing! You toast the bread, spread it on during a cold, blustery day and voila! You're warm right to the toes. I think toast is best during the cold seasons, so naturally I eat more jam and jelly then. We even used to put strawberry jelly in our oatmeal when my siblings and I were kids. So many memories!

I've also seen this thing on the internet lately that takes one of my favorite fictional characters and makes him stupid. Most of me wants to be mad, and possibly a small sliver of me smiles because the people who post these have it all wrong. It's John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes series, and recently with the BBC television series called Sherlock, this has been all over the place and I have a really hard time with it. Finally this show makes them equals and this happens. Always in the movies and media ever since forever they make Watson stupid compared to Holmes, and it just drives me crazy! He's an army doctor for heaven's sake! This most recent joke is about Watson and jam.

You'll be hearing more from me about Sherlock and Watson by the way, just as  a warning! Thank you to whoever did this:

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