Sunday, September 8, 2013

G is for God

I'm not doing this post just because it's Sunday or just because I want to share my religious beliefs through this blog. It's because when times are toughest and you have no one to turn to and you feel like you can't talk to your family, God is always there. He wants to hear from us, in good times and bad, always waiting to give us hope and strength to face the future.

Sometimes I become very frustrated with the situation I'm in--I feel trapped like a rat in a place that I don't want to be, and the only way out seems to be so far in the future I can barely see it in the haze of tears. Now, I'm not saying to only rely on Him when times are hard; that's the easy part. The harder part is to remember Him and thank Him when times are good. How do we do this? There are many ways: service, prayers, tithes, fasting, finding a lonely person and sitting with them, allowing someone to confide in you....These things make God happy, because we are often forgetting ourselves and helping others.

God is merciful. I know this because there are many ways that he has answered my questions and prayers, even if those answers are unusual. One thing is certain--no matter what, prayers are answered. Recognize those answers for what they are--small miracles in our daily lives that make our lives bearable, and remember to thank Him for them.

Do not lose hope. Even when you feel deserted, alone, betrayed and broken,  there is always someone who understands. He will comfort you. He is the Master, our Redeemer and a God of miracles.

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